Testimonial – 518

“We took our car to aamco to get a diagnostic. Aamco told my husband that the transmission was messed up and that it wasnt going more than 4th gear. They gave us an estimate of $1,800 to $2,000 to fix.

We waited about 2 months to fix the car because we had to save about $2000 for the repair.

We ended up moving from east Anaheim to Buena Park and decided to take the car some place closer. We brought it to this place. Well Ken told my husband he really thought it was best for my husband to fix the ball bearings because he couldnt make out the problem with the transmission.

My husband brought the car back home and I told him he should just take it back and say we want to fix the transmission first because that was the main priority at the moment.. once again Ken said “I realllly think you should change the bearings first..” so we said ok let’s do it. They had to be changed anyways so what the heck…

After he REPLACED the front bearings because we were an accident waiting to happen (seriously) with the old ones.. turns out Transmission is fine.. he did the inspection and fount nothing wrong with it.. Ken could have said , “ok ill fix the transmission it if thats what you want.” charged us all that money then we would still have the bearing issue.. but NO he was honest.. I like this place..

I’ve heard 3 bad AAMCO stories. My story makes 4.. !!

I recommend this place!!”

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